We find our 20 year old experience not to be sufficient enough, and that is why we strive to make progress each and every day with the usage of modern technical technology.

The scope of business of Eko-Plast
Being a PARKER Certificate Reseller, as part of a prestigious international network, EKO-PLAST functions with an accordance to high-level business requirements. This guarantees a professional approach towards partnership and engenders a sophisticated and always improving technical knowledge.
PARKER products are second to none in regards of quality.
The engeneering solutions utilised do not only heighten the standards of industrial installations, but also intrudce new trends on the market. Designed and produced in order to reduce the maintenance costs, highen the efficiecy, safety, as well as to improve the working comforts.
The range of products offered by EKO-PLAST meets the highest standards of the following:
Furthermore, highly qualified crew in every establishment endeavors to support our customers in the  proper product choice, as well as to deploy the necessary revolutionary technical solutions for our customers.
EKO-PLAST has been on the market since 1997 offering a wide range of industrial hoses and connectors. At present, EKO-PLAST is one of the leading PARKER Sales Representatives in Poland.

SLUPSK - Corporate Headquarters
TORUN - Branch office
WROCLAW - Business Associate

Our BusinessAssociate
We are a Certificate Reseller of PARKER products, which are highly appreciated for their quality, innovative solutions, and environmental friendless. Parker has inarguably succeeded in becoming highly recognisable and positively evaluated across all industry sectors and being one of the leading motion and control technologies manufacturers in Poland.
PARKER takes an innovative approach to the most demanding engineering challenges in the world, introduces new ways of merging different technical, solutions and system designing.
PARKER elements are present in every field associated with transport. The company manufactures highly advanced components, as well as transport, fluid, and gas flow facilitating systems.
EKO-PLAST contributes to PARKER’s strategy by working on solutions across the fields of:
• automotive and boat building
• infrastructure and transport development, capable of providing for the needs of the growing population
• chemical and petrochemical
• more efficient energy source development
• production and distribution of fresh water and edibles
• safe production, transport, and storage of food.
• pharmaceutical production
• architecture, transport and farming
• wide industrial activities
EKO-PLAST, consistently with the strategy of PARKER distribution network, views the world through the prism of the wide range of motion and control technologies offered, and recognises the innumerable amount of engineering challenges, whose tackling is bound to significantly improve the lives of people on Earth.
PARKER possesses the largest range of products, services, and distribution networks on Earth.
More than 1,000,000 products offered allow for complete system installations, with parts
compatibility in mind. The wide range of products results from the scientific researches, and the acquisition of companies such as: Rectus®, Tema®, Legris®, Origa®, Racor®, Domnick Hunter®, Denison® or Calzoni®.
Thanks to the cooperation with PARKER, EKO-PLAST is capable of meeting the highest engineering requirements of any industry customers.